We exist to help parents navigate these tough cultural times with Biblical truth and love. Part of that mission is accomplished through our one and a half day Raising Christian Kids conference.

The conference, by design, ensures that parents, no matter what phase of life their kids are in, are equipped with the knowledge and resources to navigate even the toughest conversations with their children.


Amy Davison
Andrea Crum
Ricky Chelette
Will Crum
Mary Comm
Gale Carter


Raising Culture-Proof Kids
Preparing Kids for Apologetic Engagement
Raising Kids Secure in their God-Given Gender
Engaging in Truth & Love with a Prodigal Child
Training Your Kids to Lead in the Church & Culture
Creating a Legacy of Faith in Your Home


N. Dallas, TX
April 26-27

Cottonwood Creek Church
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N. Raleigh, NC
September 27-28

Southbridge Fellowship Church
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E. Nashville, TN
October 18-19

Immanuel Baptist Church
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Center for Biblical Unity
Classical Conversations
Master Books
Solid Rock Camps

If you’d like to bring the Raising Christian Kids Conference to your church, contact us below.

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