Kathy Gibbens

Raising Critical Thinkers: Teaching Our Kids to Think Biblically & Logically with Kathy Gibbens

Location: Room B111

Whether through the news, social media, or even in conversations with their friends, our kids are bombarded all day long with bad thinking. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to teach them how to think well and to think Biblically. Kathy Gibbens’ goal is to teach kids, and their parents, how to think, not just what to think. Her Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast has surpassed 500,000 downloads and in each short, fun episode, Kathy teaches us how to recognize bad thinking, practice discernment, and think well. When parents and teens learn the fun, simple skills of logical thinking, it gets easy to do! Join her to get equipped to train up critical thinkers.

Amy Davison

New Battlefields: How our Culture’s Sex Agenda is Impacting Boys and Girls Differently with Amy Davison

Location: Chapel

Juli Slattery said that the reason the church lost its effectiveness in culture was because it didn’t know how to fight. When it comes to our children, we parents also need to know where the battlefield is, and it’s closer to home than most might think. In this session, Amy takes a fresh look at how the secular sexual ideology is grooming boys and girls to perpetuate a cycle of brokenness. She’ll offer practical tips and resources to help parents raise children to revere God and stand firm against the secular tide.

Will Crum

What Every Youth Pastor Wants Parents to Know with Will Crum

Location: Game Plan Center

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are the generations that will lead the church in the decades to come. Understanding what they are walking through now, will better equip parents to disciple, guide, and care for them well. Our kids are full of promise and passion, and also experience anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, porn and social media addiction, and more. Will has spent his pastoral career in family and student ministry and understands what our kids are facing. He will provide insights and encouragement for raising resilient kids. This session will provide extra time for parent Q&A to address specific situations.

Andrea Crum

Critical Theory 101: Understanding the Postmodern Worldview with Andrea Crum

Location: Room B109

Join us to learn more about the critical theory framework that brought us feminism, today’s sexual ethic, sexual and gender ideology, critical race theory, and even progressive christianity. Andrea believes that the best way to equip our kids to stand firm on their faith is to know the Biblical worldview and the postmodern ideas, namely critical theory, that come against it so our kids can discern the Biblical truth from the cultural lies. In this session, you will get a crash course on how these ideas came to be, the framework they are built on, and how they show up in society differently for our kids to consume.

Ricky Chelette

Understanding Gender & Sexual Identity Formation in Girls with Ricky Chelette

Location: Worship Center

Now that you’ve learned about gender and sexual identity formation for boys, learn about it for girls. With 28% of Gen Z now identifying as LGBTQ+ this is not a conversation we can avoid and our intentionality in this area is pivotal in protecting our kids. Ricky’s talk will encourage you to practically and proactively foster healthy gender formation in your girls. Having spoken to thousands who struggle with their identity, Ricky brings vast experience to this difficult subject.

Mary Comm

Praying for Prodigals with Mary Comm

Location: Room B122/124

As we spend a couple of days talking about raising Christian kids, we know some parents are hurting because their kids have either left the faith, or there is a strained, or entirely severed, relationship between parent and child. Parenting is not easy and we are not guaranteed the outcomes we hope for. There is hurt, regret, disappointment, discouragement, and frustration on this parenting journey. During this session, we would like to come beside you and pray for healing and restoration for you, your child, and your family.

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